Interested in joining us for Index Climbing Fest?

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All proceeds from the Index Climbers Festival will go to the support the restoration of the  Upper Town Wall trail.  

CAn't Attend? You can still
Support the Index Upper Town WalL!

What your donation supports

 The Upper Town Wall trail runs from the Country to the top and bottom of the Upper Town Wall. It is used by climbers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts from the Skykomish valley and across the state.  This trail is badly eroding and in need of significant restoration.  The WCC is working with land managers to begin the process of rerouting this trail, which will require several federal permits and a lot of money and hard work to complete. 

This fund will support and fund future restoration projects upon approval of the necessary permits to reroute the multi-use trail from the Country to the Upper Town Wall. * Your support means that when our permits are completed, we will have the funds ready to get to work!


*If the permitting process is not approved, all funds will go to other projects in Index. 


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