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This year we are proud to partner with The Mountain Bureau and Climbers of Color to expand our clinic offering at the Index Climbers Festival. Please use the links below to read more about each clinic before registering.

Climbing and Rescue clinics administered by the Mountain Bureau

Face Climbing & Movement Clinic (SOLD OUT!)

Spend the day working on techniques required to ascend Index's technical faces. Join a local pro climber and AMGA credentialed Mountain Bureau LLC guide and download the tricks of the trade that will get you sending towards your aspired grade in a solid and positive environment.

Crack Climbing & Movement Clinic (SOLD OUT!)

Get feedback and an opportunity to learn more about the nuances of the tequnices crack climbing at Index, a world class crack climbing venue. Join a local pro climber and AMGA credentialed Mountain Bureau LLC guide on unlocking the mysteries to making progress up the cracks.

Anchors/Station Management & Multipitch Efficiency (SOLD OUT!)

An incredibly high value offering for Intermediate multi-pitch climbers wishing to learn the modern techniques of effect systems to ascend the wall quickly. Speed up your objectives and increase your safety by learning the craft of rigging required to keep it all straight and narrow at transitions during ascent and descent. Register here

Rescue for Single Pitch Climbing (SOLD OUT!)

 What would you do if your climber has climbed past the midpoint of your rope and they need to come down or are injured? In this clinic an AMGA credentialed Mountain Bureau LLC guide will show you the technique that will solve all of  the problems we face as climbers in the cragging environment. Register here

Rescue for Multipitch Climbing  (SOLD OUT!)

This clinic covers the skills required to self-rescue an incapacitated partner from over one-pitch off the ground. Learn from an AMGA credentialed Mountain Bureau LLC guide while we cover belay espaces, line ascention, and partner rescue rappelling. Register here

All questions regarding the Mountain Bureau clinics that the Index Climbers Festival should be directed to Justin at Mountain Bureau at justinrotherham@mountainbureau.com 


Intro to Traditional Climbing by Climbers of Color (SOLD OUT!)

This is the art of placing your own gear for protection to clip your rope into on climbs. Sport leading and trad leading are very different disciplines so little sport knowledge is required, however lead belaying is a required skill for this course. Learn trad leading with us in the premiere trad climbing destination of Index.  Our trad climbing course will include gear overview, setting/placing gear, anchors, and rope management. A trad rack and rope  are not required.

This course is a designated affinity space for self identifying Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color (BIPOC). The course will be taught and documented by POC. For guidelines on this term visit our website here.

For more information on this clinic, including gear and experience requirements or to apply,     Register here.

About Climbers of Color

Climbers of Color is a Washington State non-profit (est. 2017) that aims to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the climbing and mountaineering community by developing leaders of color.  To accomplish its mission, Climbers of Color provides supportive mentorship, technical training and access to key resources including gear and scholarships.


All questions regarding the Climbers of Color clinic at the Index Climbers Festival should be directed to Rock@Climbersofcolor.org


Important Clinic Information


By making a payment and enrolling in a MB clinic, you certify that you are fully capable of participating in this activity described on the website. Therefore, you assume full responsibility for yourself, including minors, for bodily injury, death, and loss of personal property or expenses thereof as a result of those inherent risks and dangers and of your negligence in participating in this activity.  By making a payment you acknowledge that Mountain Bureau LLC has made available the nature and physical demands of this activity including the risks, hazards, and dangers associated with it. If you still are unsatisfied with your understanding of what will be required,  you have the right to contact the office where we may attempt to communicate any desired information. It is your responsibility to continue to self assess throughout the program to ensure a safe climb is possible. You must honestly and accurately describe yourself, in terms of fitness, health and skills, and your equipment to your guides. You must adhere to the instructions of your  professional mountain guide.


The risk of transmission of any infectious disease can only be mitigated and never eliminated on our programs. However, the transmission risk of a Coronavirus is significantly reduced by the nature of our outdoor activity, low-ratio programming, maximizing the duration of social distancing, and the use of PPE when distancing is not possible. To assist in your understanding of these risks, we are providing updated resources to educate you on Coronavirus and our mitigation techniques. By making a payment you are agreeing to our mitigation method and assuming the remaining inherent risks of a potential exposure.