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Saturday September 9th
8:00am - 5:00pm


We're excited to bring back a climbing and bouldering competition that had everyone turning in their cards at the end of the day dog tired with huge smiles on their faces - with some new and improved updates! We're also introducing for the first time, the Index Lore Scavenger Hunt!

To participate in the climbing comp, bouldering comp or scavenger hunt, all participants must:

  • Register for the comp/hunt, and

  • Complete a waiver form before participating.

Please note that day-of registration will be cash only. 


All Competitors must pick up their score card in person by no later than 9:00am on Saturday morning (at the registration table at the Lower Town Wall Parking Lot). Score cards must be turned in to the table at the River House by no later than 5:30pm on Saturday evening. 

Winners will be announced at the River House before the band goes on stage (around 6:30pm).


These designations (as well as which comp you will enter) will be selected at check-in on Saturday.


Competition Levels 
(5.9 and under): Womens | 
Boar (5.10): Womens | Mens
Tadpole (5.11): Womens | Mens
Bobcat (5.12-5.14): Womens | 

 Competition Levels 
Open: Womens | Mens


 Competition Levels 


The Rules


Each climber will climb core routes in their division and they must declare a project on their scorecard, which can be up to five letter grades harder than your division’s maximum core value, prior to the start of the event. Core routes have a base value of 1-4, and projects base value of 1-9 points. Projects are weighted, so even two hanging a project could be worth more than a send of your division maximum. However, You must fill out at least half of your core routes, with at least one route per area, for a project to be validated. 

Here are the rules:

  • The walls are divided into four areas, and only three routes will be counted per area (see map on scorecards).

  • All moves must have been done on a route in two hangs or less for it to be a valid entry.

  • Only one route from the LTW will be counted. Choose wisely!

  • No repeats!

  • Stick clips are OK.

  • Pre-hung draws are OK.

  • All trad gear must be placed on lead and cleaned before subsequent attempts.

Download the scorecards: Cricket | Boar | Tadpole | Bobcat



Goal is to score Max V Points

Here are the rules:

  • Must score at least one boulder from each area for scorecard to count. No repeats.

  • Areas are: Sasquatch, Zelda, LTW/Inner Wall, River

Points can also be scored by completing the Oddball Challenges:

  • Boulder Drop Slab is worth 4 V points if done barefoot.

  • Doing any climb barefoot is 2x points. Please chalk your feet!

  • Cold plunge 1 point/per minute. 10 minutes max.

  • No holds and no pulling on Open Book Corner at Zelda is 4 points.

  • Lower Town Wall Traverse (Iron Horse -> Tatoosh) is 3 points each way.

Download the scorecard: Bouldering Open


Each competitor will receive an Index Lore Scavenger Hunt checklist at morning registration with instructions. You will need a camera or device with a camera to evidence your findings. Ties will be broken based on the time to complete/collect all items on the list. Godspeed! Registration required. 

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