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Climbing Comp

Saturday Sept 11


This year's climbing competition format will test climbers on their ability to climb hard and have a good time - mixed with a little strategy. The competition will have events in both bouldering and rope climbing and we even threw in a belaying category because everyone should love their belayer.


Each competition will have categories for Open, Over 50, 5.10/V4 & under (except belaying - that would be silly). These designations (as well as which comp you will enter) will be selected at check-in on Saturday.


The majority of the rules are posted below, but competition scorecards will include opportunities for bonus points! So bring your creativity (and maybe a costume?)


All participants in the Climbing Competition must register for the comp AND fill out this waiver form before participating

All Competitors must pick up their score card in person starting no earlier than 8:00am on Saturday morning (at the registration table at the Lower Town Wall Parking Lot) and turn it in to the table at the River House by no later than 5:30pm on Saturday evening. 

Winners will be announced at the River House before the band goes on stage (around 6:30pm).

Rope Climbing Competition

Objective: Climb your five hardest sends  in each of the 5 areas.

By “hardest” we’re scoring the “hardest” grade.

Grade is according to the grade listed on Mountain Project and points will be assigned as below:


By “sends” we’re scoring the least rehearsed, no falls, and on lead.


On-sight or Flash: x 3 

Redpoint: x 2

Clean on Top Rope  x 1


By “each of the areas” we’re only scoring one climb (your hardest) per area.

Yes, these areas are a little arbitrary, but we had to draw the line somewhere. Here they are:

Area A: Lower Lump & Inner Walls (Wart, Missing Bottle Buttress, K Cliff)

Area B: LTW & Country (From Great Northern Slab to GM)

Area C: Mid Walls (Mid Walls, Rhythm, Blues)

Area D: Upper Walls, Diamond & Cheeks (Shady Lane, Upper Town Wall Trail Crags)

Area E: Lookout Point (Private Idaho, Rattletale, Duck Wall, Crag X)

How we score roped climbing:

Sum of: (Grade Score) X (Send Score) for “each area” )

The Fine Print  (Roped Comp)

  • Additional bonus points will be available (Announced at a later date). 

  • For roped climbing, grades are based off Mountain Project. Minus (-) equals A, flat equals B, plus (+) equals D. Slash grades go to the lower letter.

  • Note that if you do not climb in all five areas you will receive a zero for the areas you did not climb in but your other climbs will still be scored.

  • In the event of a tie, one additional point will be given to the climber who’s graded climbs contain the highest number of words (according to the Mountain Project Route Name). For example: “I am in a top shader” > “Eraserhead”

Grade box.png

Bouldering Competition

Objective: Climb your five hardest, sends in at least 3 of the 4 areas.

By “hardest” we’re scoring the “hardest” grade. Points will be assigned according to the V-scale chart below

By “cleanest” we’re scoring the least rehearsed routes with no falls.


Sent and have never touched it before (flashed): x 3 

Sent and have never sent before: x 2

Sent and have sent before: x1


By “in at least 3 of the 4 areas” we mean you must score climbs in at least three of the four areas and you can pick which three. The areas are:

  • Area A: Sasquatch (including Galena Major, J Rad)

  • Area B: Zelda (including Architect/Engineer, Midnite, Frankenstien Area, Bushman)

  • Area C: River Boulders (including Leggo my Ego, Hagakure, River Boulders Main Area, Split Rock/Built to Last/J High/Leap of Faith, Camp Serene Boulder, Hamburglar Zone)

  • Area D: Lower Town Wall Boulders (anything between Inner Walls to Country and along Crescent Trail)

How we score bouldering:

Sum of: (Grade Score) X (Send Score) for “each area” )

The Fine Print  (Bouldering Comp)

  • Grade is according to the grade listed in the Western Washington Bouldering. If the problem is not in the guidebook, and only if the problem is not in the guidebook, then Mountain Project will be used.

  • Additional bonus points may be announced at a later date. 

probelem grades.png

Love your belayer competition

Objective: Give the most belays of the day.

One point per belay. Just that simple, but the competition will be fierce. You will need the climber to sign off on your scorecard for each belay. Ten extra points given for wearing a costume while belaying.

Have questions about the comp? 
Ask them in our Facebook Event
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